Monday, 7 April 2014

An overdue post

I haven't posted in a while ... nothing consciously done, but nonetheless I wanted this to be a blog to document my life and my loves and not done out of duty, I suppose. However, I didn't intend to leave it this long! 

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. I think we have decided against pre-school for Evan. I'm gathering lots of info for teaching him pre-school from home at the moment. In my opinion, 3 is just too young. I am respectful of everyone's opinions on nurseries, pre-school and school. Every parent must do what is right for them and their child. I am not against pre-schools, I just knew that I wouldn't be enrolling Evan for every hour that the Government was giving them as a funded session. Little ones are so little for such a short period of time ... I want to soak it all in. I do not know if we will be blessed with another child. I don't want to have regrets. I have always gone with my instincts when it comes to parenting, and I don't want to stop that because it goes against the norm. There is nothing wrong with a little one being at home with their mummy and playing outside and learning letter and numbers over cereal and cuddles. 

I have enjoyed so many special moments with this little guy lately, I don't even know where to start. We have really gotten into baking together. He loves cracking the eggs and stirring the mixture! I have a few recipes to share so I think I'll perhaps start a recipe section as I love to bake and I love that my little 2 year old is getting so interested in it too, even if he isn't that keen on the finished result!

What are your favourite activities with your toddlers? 

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