Friday, 21 March 2014

Home Education

I've had one of those days today where I've been so thankful to be able to stay home with my baby [maybe not such a baby anymore at 2 and a half!]. He has the start of a horrible sounding cough and I just don't know how, if I'd had to, I would have been able to leave him. It is a special sacred thing, this motherhood journey.

I am constantly thinking of next year, when other toddlers of Evan's age will be starting pre-school. I hate the thought of him going, I have to be honest. I think children start school way too early, and there is such pressure to send them away to nurseries, pre schools and the like, making mothers feel like they need to be away from them to become well-rounded children, that they have to be left all day in a nursery or pre-school at 3-years-old.

I don't care how unfashionable it makes me sound, I don't agree with it. He is home with me for such a short amount of time of his [hopefully] long life. He will have years upon years of education ahead of him in which he'll learn so much and make lots of friends. Just let him have a few years at home with his mama, reading stories and baking cakes and playing in the garden. 

Home schooling has such an appeal to me, and I think if we didn't have such a goods, small Catholic school just around the corner, it would be something I would very seriously look into. Have any of you opted to home school your children? I am eager to know all about it! Have any of you decided against sending your child to pre-school? I feel like how I feel is going against the grain and I don't want to hinder Evan in any way ... I just feel that he is too little to be heading off to school. I want my babies home with me!


  1. You should check out my friends blog, diary of a home school mum (on blogspot and on Facebook) :) she just started home schooling her 5 year old x

  2. Aw I completely agree about the pressures nowadays for babies to be in nurseries and to send them to pre-schools at such a young age, when there's actually no benefits to introducing this so young. Good luck with your decision x