Monday, 14 April 2014

Cherishing Life

Last week was marred by hearing about the sad deaths of two people in the public eye, gone way before their time, leaving behind devoted spouses and children. I couldn't get the thoughts of their deaths out of my mind for days. It was all I could think about ... what if it happened to me? What if something happened to me? My beautiful little boy, who asks for mummy when he is half asleep in the middle of the night, growing up without a mother. Nobody should have to grow up without a mother. Do my family, my partner, my son know how much I love them with all my heart? I hope so. 

The thoughts have slowly diminished over the past few days. I embrace every day with my son, I always have. He is the most important thing in my world and I want him to know how loved he is each and every day. I sometimes want to stop time, but I love seeing the wonderful little boy he is becoming. I want to cherish these times, as hard as it is sometimes. This is the only life I am going to have. As each day passes, that day has gone forever. The memories we make each day are what make up his childhood, our lives, our memories. 

Life gets busy sometimes and things get in the way, but I love special times I can just spend with my family. I hope to grow old and grey with my wonderful man and have lots of lovely family memories to look back on. I hope to make new traditions every year and have a long healthy life. That's why I started this blog ... maybe years and years and years from now, Evan can look at it and see how much his mummy was in love with her little blonde boy and her little family. 

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