Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My online shop

I don't know about all of you, but I have a slight addiction to Pinterest. I love finding new recipes, crafts and ideas on there. One of my favourite things to find on Pinterest is printables. I have printed off many lovely quotes for free and framed them and up them up around our home. Evan has many up in his bedroom! They are so easy to swap around to match the time of year, as well. We have a few 'love' themed ones up in our living room at the moment that can easily be changed around for spring, Halloween and Christmas themed ones. 

Many of the prettiest wall art I've found has been digital art on Etsy. Inspired by ones I have seen on there, I started making my own. I even made a Disney couple themed one for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. 

When I showed my boyfriend a few of what I had done he mentioned that I should try and sell them myself - so I am doing! I have set up an Etsy shop selling digital art - once purchased, the print is emailed to you and you can print and frame as you like. You may like to just print it at home and pop it into a poundshop frame [like I do!] or get it sent away to a photo site to be printed properly and frame it how you like. 

It's something I am really enjoying doing and although I know I will not start raking in a fortune, I am looking forward to making some new art on my computer that hopefully a few people will like and buy. 

Please pop over and have a look at what I have to offer: Rachel's Magical Digital Prints!


  1. Oh I love that Disney couples print!

    1. Thanks so much! I made it for my man for Valentines day and it was lots of fun, hopefully I get some orders for some! :-) x