Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Starting my own 'business'

I have a serious 'printables' addiction. I love them! I think they are such a fun, easy way to make a room different all year round. I found lots on Pinterest, printed them, bought some cheap frames and put them up around the house. I change them according to the time of year so it livens things up a little. 

I found printables particularly great when decorating Evan's bedroom. I found some brilliant personalised ones that look great in his bedroom and make it unique and interesting. 

After a while, I started thinking of making my own. I made one for my other half for Valentine's Day of Disney couples, and made another with my favourite song lyrics. After I showed him, he said "you should sell them!" ... so I looked into it and opened my own Etsy shop! I was amazed to find there was a lot of shops on Etsy selling printables and there seemed a lot of demand for them. 

I love making them in the evening, or when Evan is engrossed in an episode of Peppa Pig. It's also been fun connecting with other new businesses and Etsy shops, and I've already completed my first order for a mum of twin boys - I love customising one of my printables just how she wanted! And the prices range between £2 and £5 so they're really affordable.

Here are a few I've been working on this week:

I would love you to come and visit my online shop and have a look around. The printables are either an 'instant download' which means you download the printable to your computer as soon as you've purchased it, or a personalised print where there can be different colour or name changes made to suit you! Just click on the link below, and thank you.

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  1. What a great idea, I love printables and love to make them for myself on my children's photos. What a lovely set there, I am sure your new business venture will do really well! Good luck. x