Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hello world!

Hello everyone! This is my new blog and I would like to introduce myself here. My name is Rachel, and I'm a 30-year-old mother of one. My little bundle of joy is called Evan, and he is 2-and-a-half. I can't believe how time flies once you're a mother! I live with my wonderful partner of 4 years, Paul, and we love spending time as a little family. 

I am a stay-at-home mother and I take that very seriously. I love spending time at home with my little man. I love to bake and read and spend time snuggling on the sofa with a Disney movie. I'm looking forward to recording lots of little memories on here for the future!


  1. Hi Rachel, nice to meet you! Look forward to reading more. I have a lil dude and blog over at Vicky xx

    1. Hi Vicky! Your blog is so lovely & am just so envious over your competition wins! How do you find so many to enter? xxx