Monday, 4 August 2014

A Summer Catch Up

I haven't been a very active blogger recently but my mid-year resolution [I like the idea of that! A fresh start with things in the middle of the year!] is to get my blog up and running properly and use it to the best of my advantage. I wanted to start blogging to network with other mummy's and widen my horizons as a stay at home mother constantly looking for new opportunities. I've kinda sucked on all those levels!

July came and went, and I have no idea where it went to be honest! I cannot believe it's August already! Apologies in advance for the summer spam!

Mid July saw us take our first holiday as a family. My first holiday in 5 years. Wow! Finances don't stretch too well now we are a family and I don't work. We had a little Monday-Friday break to Southport with my partner's family who go there regularly. I have never been and didn't know what to expect, but I ended up not wanting the week to end. We had a lazy week by the seaside, swimming and going to the beach, sleeping in [to 7.30!] and having yummy food, seaside trips with ice-cream and nosying round the lovely shops. 

We rarely spend quality time out and about as a family of three. In between family visiting, work, meetings, courses, house work, we have little time doing fun things or having days out as just the three of us. We relished it. I wish we could have that week over and over again. Evan keeps asking for 'holiday'. Oh, I wish I could give it to you again!

The British summer is proving to be wonderful, and the long sunny days have been perfect for going to the park [super lucky to live so close to the wonderful Tatton Park], lounging in the garden and splashing in the paddling pool. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! It's going by far too quickly ... next month Evan turns 3! I can hardly believe it. I'm trying not to think so far ahead. 

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  1. Ah looks like you are having a great summer and are getting up to lots of adventures. I think sometimes blogging can be put on hold when the weather is so nice! Happy early birthday to Evan! x